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BRAND / WHITE Label @ zero cost

  • Branding (White Labeling) by Swastik Algo is a concept to promote Sub-Brokers, Multi Account Handlers & AFL/Strategy Developers & want to obtain more & more clients with their own identity/brand. in this concept Brand Partner will get these COMMON features with own identity.

  • Sub Brokers can  Provide Algo Automation Service to their clients by own branded server with or without cost, by getting Premium Brand Server from Swastik Algo.

(BRAND with ADMIN Power)

  1. Full Admin Power

    • Own Domain Name (

    • Validity Update & Trial Activation​

    • Full Control on  Each Account on Server :-

      • Order Placement

      • Orderbook .​

      • Positions.

      • Logs.

      • Copy Trading Logs.

  2. No Charge for :-

    • Google Cloud Hosting .

    • Maintenance.

    • Updates & Upgrades.

  3. Skill Required to Partner :-

    • Hosting - No​

    • Coding - No

    • Maintenance - No

  4. Partner's Payment Gateway – Yes (Recieve Payment in self Account)

  5. Monthly Cost – 15K (1 Broker, +5K each additional Broker)

  6. Annual Maintenance Charge – NO

  7. Server Code - Will not be provide

  8. Secured by SSL

Dedicated vs Whitelabel
Which one will best  for you ?


 If partners have more concepts, can share with us to introduce that type of service 

Special Request : 

1.  Please work & understand all features, functionality & facilities available on main server before asking for White Lable/Brand, No any claim to be entertain about misunderstanding/un-awareness Later.

2.  No refund policy will be strictly follow.

3.  Brand/White Label websites are sole property of Swastik Algotech only. Partners have only rights to use it on correct way & understandings. No one can claim for Brand/White Label website server codein the future.

Contact for more Information.....

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